By taking advantage of this program and installing High Efficiency Induction fixtures for your parking garage gets you more than just great optics and even illumination. With induction you also get natural color rendition, which creates a well-lit and safe environment. The addition of lighting controls for occupancy or bi-level lighting will help you achieve 60-80% energy savings. Since most garage lighting works on continuous operating hours, an induction lighting system that is maintenance free and has instant restrike is the smartest solution. The benefit of utilizing induction lighting in your parking structure is that it is overall the lowest lifetime cost of any source currently on the market today, and the fastest ROI. Not to mention that all of our induction fixtures are would receive 15 years of maintenance including 100% replacement cost. Now you can save money and do something positive for our planet at the same time. ​

                                                EDUCATION AND HEALTH CARE

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Hospitals and Educational Institutions have very specific demands for lighting due to the impact lights have in patients, students and staff. When you consider that lighting can account for nearly 30% of these businesses energy bill, inefficient lighting represents a huge opportunity for savings - especially when considering that hospitals operate 24/7.  With more consistent light, no glare or flicker, our efficient lighting solutions can enhance environments, make it more comfortable and also reduce maintenance and cooling costs. Lighting upgrades in the form of new fixtures or retrofits are an easy decision and excellent opportunity of improvement for hospitals and educational institutions alike. Best of all, is that our program requires no investment what so ever, Let us worry about the investment dollars and the ROI. You simply need to reallocate your current lighting budget in a more eco-friendly and profitable way.


Building a brighter future for our children, one light bulb at a time.

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High efficient Induction fixtures will brighten up your car dealership beautifully. Most car dealerships feature inefficient Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium fixtures. These technologies have a steep depreciation curve, meaning that they lose brightness rather quickly. Metal Halide, for example, loses 30% of its brightness within the first 5,000 hours. By the 60,000th hour, an Induction fixture loses only 10% of its brightness, and 20% by the 80,000th hour. That means your store will be visible to drivers further away on the road. What’s better advertising than that?

High efficiency induction lighting does more than just save you money.  Studies have shown that better lighting can increase productivity and also showcase a company's products in a much better way. LED and Induction lighting offer excellent Color Rendering Index (or CRI, "a lamp's ability to render object colors"). Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium fall short, offering a CRI that is just fair.  This improvement alone can be quite significant for car dealership owners, for example. Imagine, how red would you like that red sports car to be?

Upgrading the lighting in public areas in as effective way to enhance the appearance of any city. In addition to the obvious financial benefit of cutting electricity costs and reducing the carbon foot print, these projects can also have a positive impact on public safety. Compared to other infra structural improvements, lighting projects are among the most cost-efficient and sustainable initiatives. This is especially true of our program since it works with the existing budget for the same system that needs to be upgraded.
We can offer a feasibility study to set out and evaluate all details of the project. The study would include analyses on lighting levels, impact on traffic and on neighborhoods. Our channel partners have worked with cities and committees in urban areas in several projects around the globe. 


Regardless of what part of the country you are in, you are sure to find a gas station near you. With so many consumers, gas stations and convenience stores are always looking for the competitive advantage against their competitors. Operating on extremely tight profit margins, gas stations depend highly on volume-based sales. 
Lighting, when inefficient, can represent over 30% of a gas station electricity bill. FES can help you cut that expense by half, while improving lighting levels. 
Better lighting will make a gas station stand out in the crowd and attract more customers, generating more revenue. What’s not to love?

                                                GOVERNMENT AND MUNICIPALITIES

                                                                                              REASONS TO UPGRADE

The most common type of lighting technology utilized on auto dealerships parking lots is Metal Halide, a High Intensity Discharge (H.I.D.) System. Metal Halide provides high lumen output, but it has a very high lumen depreciation rate. That means that after 20,000 hours (or 4 and a half years at 12 hours per day), the Metal Halide lamp will lose 40% of its brightness - and it will turn yellow, pink or green. Other shortfalls of H.I.D. Systems are a lot of glare, a lot of flicker and delayed restrike - creating an unsafe environment.

Induction lighting, on the other hand, has comparable lumen output, will only lose 5% of its brightness over the same period of time, has no glare nor flicker and it has instant restrike. And that’s before we start talking about energy consumption. On average our clients see a reduction in lighting cost  greater that 60%.  In addition to this savings, maintenance cost is also covered under the program. In effect, this program allows you to obtain a free lighting upgrade, get free maintenance for your new system and i get a net cash savings from your current lighting budget.

                                                           GAS STATIONS
                                           Metal Halide                                                                                                         Induction Lighting